Determined on a case by case basis by the Director of Church Planting & Development after application process and pre-assessment.

Purpose: To assist church planters who are serving in mission fields that are economically impoverished (Inner city, Indian Reservation, Rural areas, Ethnic Minorities, etc…) as well as planters who do not have backgrounds that provide support contacts (Became a believer as an adult and extended family is not supportive, did not grow up in church-few contacts, etc…)

Year 1: $6000. $500 per month

Prerequisite: Be assessed & approved to pursue church planting in the RMD (Ethnic Director-Erik Valenzuela).

Goals this year:

  • Begin & stay current with Gateway
  • Attend Boot camp
  • Attend monthly training meetings with Erik Valenzuela
  • Attend monthly  HCN Meetings
  • Attend the Fall Summit & Annual Conference

Year 2: $9000. $750 per month

Prerequisite: Complete the goals from year 1+have 25 committed adults.

Year 2 Goals:

  • Complete 1st year of Gateway
  • Complete Licensing Thesis
  • Provisional leadership in place
  • Mission Statement, Core Values, Discipleship Pathway Put together & approved.
  • Attend Exponential or another church planting conference.

Year 3: $15,000. $1250 per month

Pre-requisite: Complete the goals from year 2+have 40 committed adults.

Year 3 Goals:

  • Complete Licensing Interview & be approved.
  • Achieve Church status (including the 5 requirements)